17 May 2022

Bradgate Park Patrol Volunteer

As a Bradgate Park volunteer patroller, you are the eyes and ears of the Park. Armed with a map, radio and litter picking equipment you’ll cover your designated area of the Estate at your own pace. As a first point of contact for visitors you’ll be able to communicate effectively and inform the Ranger team of any incidents or issues. Best of all, you’ll be walking through tranquil woodlands, over rugged parkland and taking in the sights and sounds of nature whilst contributing to the day to day running of the Park.
To apply for this job email your CV to volunteers@bradgatepark.org.
Job Ref:
08 Oct 2045

Skills/Equipment Required:

No previous experience required, training is provided during the session, we will also provide any equipment needed to undertake the task.

Fitness Level Required:

Average level of fitness – you will be undertaking outdoor activities in all weathers, you will be on your feet for the duration of the session, some of the patrol routes cover uneven or difficult ground.

Access Considerations:

Some patrol routes are more easily accessible than others, we can provide further detail to potential volunteers.

What to Wear and Bring:

Volunteers should wear suitable clothing and sturdy footwear; the weather can be very changeable at the Park so please bring a waterproof coat. You will also need to provide your own lunch and any drinks that you require during this session, patrolling activities take place across the Park so access to the café and/or shop is often limited.

Frequency of Sessions:

Monday – Sunday

Group Patrols take place on a Monday and allow volunteers the opportunity to socialise

Duration of Each Session:

10am – 1pm / 12 – 3pm / 1 – 4pm

Volunteers must be aged over 18 years of age, references may be required.