18 May 2022

Walx Guide (Walk Leader)

WALX Leicester East is a friendly, sociable walking and fitness group delivering walks and activities at various venues across Leicester and East Leicestershire. We are seeking outgoing individuals to lead walks on an ongoing basis so that we can continue to expand the number of activities we offer.
To apply for this job email your CV to amanda.howe@leicestereast.walx.co.uk.
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Leicestershire, UK
08 Oct 2045

At WALX Leicester East we are going places, and are seeking support from enthusiastic individuals to help us lead walks and activities across Leicester and Leicestershire. For the right individuals, full training, first aid and insurance will be provided. You will also enjoy free membership of our club, and all the benefits that go with it.

WALX Guides are trained to plan routes and lead them safely. They do not teach any technique but are able to understand the medical screening, technique training, correct intensity and risk assessment process in order to lead walks safely. With appropriate insurance and First aid they can lead walks on their own but often they assist Instructors with group management. They play a vitally important role within groups by helping with planning, social events and motivation. As they can lead those suitably trained and screened on a range of walks, this allows the Instructor to concentrate on teaching and exercise drills. Access to further CPD modules is also provided for leaders who wish to lead some specific sessions such as Speedhyking, Yoga etc.

For further information about WALX Guide training, please visit https://exerciseanywhere.academy/cpd-modules/walx-guide-training/.

To apply, or discuss this opportunity further, contact Amanda Howe on 0116 243 6685, amanda.howe@leicestereast.walx.co.uk, and for more information about WALX Leicester East and the activities we offer, visit https://www.walx-leicestereast.co.uk