18 May 2022

Watermead Country Parkrun Volunteer

Parkrun volunteers marshal and administer the weekly timed 5k which takes places every Saturday morning
To apply for this job email your CV to watermeadcountrypark@parkrun.com.
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Leicestershire, UK
08 Oct 2045

Watermead Country Parkrun needs approximately 25 volunteers every week to marshal and administer our weekly timed 5k run which starts at 0900hrs every Saturday Morning.

Skills/Equipment Required:

Most roles do not require skill or equipment. Timekeeps and barcode scanners need a smartphone with the Parkrun virtual volunteer app loaded

Fitness Level Required:

No specific level of fitness is needed

What to Wear and Bring:

Volunteers should bring a waterproof/warm clothing in inclement/cold weather. If you have difficulty standing for an hour, bring a portable chair. If timekeeping or scanning, a smartphone with the Parkrun virtual volunteer app is needed

Duration of Each Session:

Each session will last a maximum of 90 minutes from signing on to event close. Some marshals positions only require a volunteer for 15 minutes. The average is around 1 hour

Frequency of Sessions:

Sessions take place every Saturday morning. Event starts at 0900 and usually finishes by 1000. Volunteers report around 0815-0830

Access Considerations:

Watermead Country Parkrun is fully accessible to all and all areas of the course are wheelchair friendly


The event is in the open air and takes place in any conditions suitable for running - this includes heavy rain and extreme cold. A risk only exists if the volunteer is unsuitably clothed

Additional Comments:

Under 11s must be within arms length of a parent or guardian. Under 18s can volunteer but must be withing sight of an adult volunteer. All volunteers must register (one time only) with Parkrun and obtain a Parkrun barcode number - this enables them to be added to the volunteer roster and for their volunteering activity to be logged.