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Level 2 Multi-Skills

September 5, 2022 All Day

Course description

This qualification is designed to prepare learners for deployment as independent coaches of multi-skills and physical activity and will introduce learners to the principles of coaching fundamental movement skills and sport specific skills. The concluding assessment will evaluate the planning, delivery and review of a series of linked and progressive coaching sessions. The qualification is recognised as the industry standard Level 2 Multi-Skills coaching qualification, alongside the Level 2 Award in Multi-Skills Development in Sport, which is a smaller coaching qualification.

Who is the course for?

The qualification is designed for those who wish to deliver multi-skills as an independent coach and wish to take responsibility for the ongoing development of participants at a variety of ages. The course is ideal for aspiring coaches, volunteers and parent helpers.

What’s the value of this course?

A level 2 multi-skills coach will be able to apply this knowledge to plan, deliver and review sessions purely linked to the development of fundamental movement skills or sport-specific skills. This qualification is usually a key requirement to be able to coach multi-skills in a school environment

“I now understand the importance of linking to fundamentals of movement and fundamental movement skills”

“The tutors gave me really good feedback”