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07 Dec 2023

Creating an Active Birmingham

Birmingham City Council has been working with a range of organisations and individuals to develop a draft Creating an Active Birmingham Strategy.  The strategy has been produced in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders who have an interest in and are involved in physical activity across the city.

The council’s vision is “to create a bold, healthy, and active city where people have access to a wide range of opportunities and a supportive environment to enable them to become more active”. Their aim is to bring people and organisations together to achieve this vision.

The strategy focuses in particular on reducing inactivity and inequalities in physical activity, and to increase activity levels, active recreation and travel (eg. cycling and walking). The strategy is intended to complement other strategies and plans in place across the city, collectively coming together to ensure a whole system approach is adopted. It focuses on developing opportunities for people to build physical activity into everyday life. The ambition of the strategy is to motivate and inspire and make it easier for everyone to be active at every age and ability.

The council’s Physical Activity Team is currently conducting a public strategy consultation and would like to hear what you think. For more information and details on how to get involved in the consultation click here.