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30 Apr 2024

Sport Birmingham to play crucial role in developing physical activity for health pathways

Sport Birmingham is set to play a significant role in how the health sector across England supports adults to develop a more active lifestyle.

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It has been selected as one of 39 organisations that will help design and test possible solutions so that the health sector, together with physical activity providers, can support those living with, or at risk of, a long-term health condition.

The Physical Activity for Health Pathways is an Active Partnerships National Organisation project. Move Consulting was selected by APNO to work in collaboration with them on this important project which seeks to develop pathways for physical activity in health and care systems. The project is funded by Sport England.

Sport Birmingham will now join one of five communities of practice to co-design information tools and guidance for the sector to help create the pathways.

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Annie Holden, Strategic Lead for Health from Active Partnerships National Organisation said:

“Currently, one in four of us is living with multiple long-term health conditions. That statistic is set to rise to two thirds of us aged over 65 by 2035. We know that our health care systems are under pressure, yet physical activity could help prevent up to 40% of these conditions. Furthermore, a more active lifestyle could help to manage more than 20 of the most common physical and mental health conditions.

Working with a broad range of organisations will really help us to create pathways that work locally and we’re looking forward to driving ahead with Move Consulting and its research partner, Coventry University.”

The full list of the organisations involved in the communities of practice is as follows:

  1. Active Derbyshire
  2. Active Dorset
  3. Active Gloucestershire
  4. Active Hastings
  5. Active Kent and Medway
  6. Active Lancashire
  7. Move It or Lose It Ltd
  8. Active Oxfordshire
  9. Active Suffolk
  10. Active Together
  11. Amber Valley Borough Council
  12. Be Active
  13. Buckinghamshire Council
  14. Dorset Council
  15. Ealing Council
  16. EnergiseMe
  17. Energize S-T-W
  18. Get Berkshire Active
  19. GLL (Cumbria)
  20. GLL (South East London)
  21. Greater Manchester Moving
  22. Herts Sport and PA Parthersnip
  23. Horizon Rehabilitation
  24. Improving lives Plymouth
  25. Ipswich Borough Council
  26. Leamington Spa Primary Care Trust
  27. London Borough Waltham Forest Council
  28. Medway Council
  29. MSP
  30. MyTime Active
  31. North Lincolnshire Council
  32. Northamptonshire Sport
  33. Rise
  34. Rotherham United Community Trust
  35. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  36. Sport Birmingham
  37. Wesport
  38. Yorkshire Sport Foundation
  39. Active Surrey

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