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04 Apr 2024

Sport and sanctuary at Stockfield

The Stockfield Youth Club was formed by the Stockfield Community Association (SCA) and the Sport Birmingham Make a Difference (MAD) project through a Clarion Futures Youth Ambassadors programme. The Youth Ambassadors programme aims to engage young people from local communities in a social action project. M.A.D has successfully delivered on the program and formed strong relationships with the young people in the area.

Tiana is one of the MAD volunteers. We asked Tiana what the youth club means to her and how it has helped,

“The youth club is very meaningful to me and it has helped me so much. It’s a safe space where I can come to take my mind off school life and just play sports and have fun. It has really helped me with my life skills, work experience and confidence as a young person and it’s really helping me to set up a future and build my character… I always look forward to Thursday because it’s a new experience and lets me be bring elements of sport and leadership that I enjoy to my weekly routine. The youth club means a lot to me and I’m confident that it means a lot to everyone else that attends, so I’m glad it’s there for myself and others.”

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