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The Ageing Better Fund

Funding is available to foster community and environmental improvement projects led by young people across the West Midlands and the North East of England.
To apply for the funding, please email -
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About The Ageing Better Fund

The Ageing Better Fund supports citizens of all ages who have an idea that they think will help isolated people over 50 in Birmingham. The fund can help pay for initial costs and expenses up to £2,000 for ideas that increase community cohesion, change lives and involve people over 50 in the decision making.

To gain the support from the fund, applications need to demonstrate:

  • What has made people isolated, and how the idea aims to reduce isolation for them
  • How the idea has been developed together with people over 50
  • How the idea can lead a long-term change
  • How it is a new initiative
  • How the group will engage with the evaluation of Ageing Better in Birmingham
  • How the group will try and reach isolated people over 50 who are not already involved

The programme encourages neighbours in streets, residents in housing schemes, people who know each other through their local church, mosque or other place of worship, and groups of friends who want to make a difference to their local community to come together for the benefit over people over 50.

To help transform ideas into reality, we offer bespoke support for people like you, who want to make a real difference in their neighbourhood. So far, hundreds of new initiatives have been supported across Birmingham, run by people who have taken action to improve connectivity in their local community.

To find out more, develop your idea and to apply to the Ageing Better Fund, please get in touch with one of the Ageing Better Hubs.

Contact details for Ageing Better Hubs.

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