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Asda Foundation - Empowering Local Communities Grant

This grant is designed to support a broad range of activities which can contribute towards transforming the community and improving the lives of people in that community.
Club, Group or Organisation

About Asda Foundation - Empowering Local Communities Grant

Asda's charity, Asda Foundation, is committed to supporting local communities through grant giving and we believe it takes a whole community working together to improve people's lives.

We know every community need is different and therefore we will support and fund what is needed and important to your community. What do local groups in your area need support for? What would make the biggest difference for the people in your community?

There are four options to choose from under this grant:

  1. Building Resilient Communities: Supporting community groups with the equipment, essentials and facilities to enable activity to take place. This might be enhancing what is already available, providing core items or enabling an activity to continue.
  2. Active Lives: Supporting participation in group physical activities. Whether low or high impact, regardless of age or ability, encouraging people to lead more active lifestyles and for everyone to feel able to participate.
  3. Seasonal Celebrations & Festivals: Enabling communities to celebrate what matters to them. Helping to bring people together to share experiences & encouraging everyone within the community to be together. E.g. Easter, Holi, Passover, Platinum Jubilee, community garden party etc.
  4. Leading Healthier Lives: From cooking and education classes to enabling positive mental health. We are committed to supporting health in body, mind and soul in our communities.

Applications must be submitted to your local Asda Community Champion between 14th February-15th April and activities must start/take place before 5th June 2022.

There will be three phases under this grant and this guidance is applied to phase 1 only.

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