Bewley Charitable Trust

The trustees have a policy of supporting causes which promote stable family life, self-fulfillment and good citizenship; which help the disadvantaged; and support Christian work and witness. Most giving is directed to charities in the West Midlands area. Grants can range from £25 to £250, but are usually £75 to £100, with a preference for running costs rather than building up capital endowments.
To apply for the funding, please email -
Club, Group or Organisation

About Bewley Charitable Trust

Areas of work


Beneficial area

The area of benefit is restricted to the area within a 25-mile radius of Birmingham city centre.


Large UK charities, local charities outside the beneficial area or charities connected with the armed services.

In writing to the Secretary, including accounts or, in the case of a new organisation, a budget.

Meetings are held quarterly in June, September, December and March. Applications should be received by the middle of the preceding month and preferably earlier; in particular, summer playscheme applications need to be in time for the June meeting at the latest. Applications will only be acknowledged if they are accepted for consideration by the trustees.

Successful applicants will normally receive their grant within two weeks of the meeting.

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