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Caudwell Children - Enable Sport

Enable Sport provide Sports equipment to enable talented athletes to participate in competitive sport. A common barrier for young disabled athletes to participate in sport is the lack of money for specialist equipment. Our Enable Sport Programme provides specialist disability sports equipment to support the development of talented children so that they can participate in competitive sport. We provide a range of equipment giving young athletes the opportunity to develop their skills and progress in all types of sporting activities at local, national and international levels.
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Disability Groups, Equipment, Talented Athletes / Individual

About Caudwell Children - Enable Sport

How We Help:
– Specialised disability sports equipment to enable disabled children to participate in competitive sport

– Disabled athletes need specialist equipment in order to participate in competitive sport
– Having their own sports equipment can enable a disabled athlete to participate in sport locally, regionally and nationally
– The specialist equipment needed to compete in disability sport can cost up to 100 times more than its equivalent in able-bodied competition
– A common barrier for young disabled athletes to participate and pursue their dreams in sport is lack of money for specialist equipment

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Contact Name: Caudwell Children

Telephone: 0345 300 1348