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Club Cricket Charity Defib Fund

The Club Cricket Charity in partnership with the ECB, have supplied and distributed over 300 portable units to cricket teams and clubs across the UK. The charges through, supply partner The Community Heartbeat Trust, are at a huge discount to real costs.
To apply for the funding, please email -
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About Club Cricket Charity Defib Fund

The need for this equipment has been repeatedly highlighted by the frequency of tragic deaths due to cardiac arrest on and off the cricket field. Cricket grounds are, by their nature, usually remote sites away from hospitals and not in easy reach of emergency services. There is only a vital FIVE MINUTE period before permanent or irreversible damage can occur. A portable defibrillator can be the saviour of an otherwise catastrophic situation.

The current offer, open to any cricket club includes a portable defibrillator, insurance, training, connection to the local emergency service and post traumatic stress counselling. There is an ongoing maintenance package that runs alongside this. The cost to a club is £750 for a package which could normally cost over £2,000 for the defibrillator alone, making it the most outstanding value-for-money proposition available in sport.

If you wish to apply for a portable defibrillator then please contact for an application form.

Further information about this fund initiative can also been seen on an ECB blog; England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) - The Official Website of the ECB

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