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LTA - The Community Tennis Fund

Any registered venue that can demonstrate the ability to grow community participation through tennis facility development. This fund will be allocated throughout the year.
To apply for the funding, please email -
Club, Group or Organisation, Facility Development

About LTA - The Community Tennis Fund

What is the aim?

A fund that seeks to provide larger clubs and community projects with support to build a network of accessible facilities which show the strongest potential for growth.

What funding is available?

The LTA will distribute up to £1.75m funded in part by our funding partners, Sport England through its Whole Sport Plan Exchequer Grant Funding scheme (£1m), LTA Loan (£500k) and LTA Grant (£250k) subject to approvals. In most circumstances the LTA funding is distributed as a combination of a grant and a loan.

Who can apply?

The LTA would like to support larger clubs, local authorities and educational partners seeking to develop facilities that demonstrate the potential for sustainable participation growth for public access and community use. We will prioritise those facilities that can demonstrate an ambition to increase participation within their community by providing a detailed tennis development plan. Funding will not be dependent on geographic location. These projects will include refurbishment and management of park/ educational facilities or building new tennis facilities for community use.

How much can I apply for?

If you are applying for funding for an indoor tennis facility development then the applicant must match 50% of the funding and can apply for up to £300k. If you are applying for floodlights, outdoor tennis facilities or a clubhouse the applicant must provide a minimum of 25% partnership funding and can apply for a maximum of £150k.

Covid-19 Support - If you are looking for funding the LTA is offering due to Coronavirus, please visit the following link;