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Return to Play: Small Grants

The Return to Play: Small Grant application has been submitted to help towards increasing participation, engagement and providing young people aged 11-18 with sporting opportunities both inside and outside of school hours - focusing on a 'return to normal play' after lockdown restrictions.
To apply for the funding, please email -

About Return to Play: Small Grants

We are a secondary school based in Aston, Birmingham, which is a socio-economic deprived area with the demographics of students being from a Black and Asian ethnic background, most of the parents of our young people are either unemployed or ineligible to work.

During Lockdown, many of our young people had no access to gardens/outdoor facilities, which meant that the majority of our young people were socializing on the streets outside their homes (where criminal activity has risen.) The aim of this funding is to offer students provision within school and out of school to not only socialize within sporting activities but also focus on their physical and mental wellbeing through the power of sport.

The funding will also help increase participation for aged 11-18 young people within after school and weekend sports provision including purchasing of sports equipment (indoor and outdoor) to offer a range of sporting opportunities to our young students as well as offering weekend sessions in order to try and keep them off the local streets and into a safe environment.

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Contact Name: Kam Pawar

Telephone: 07543694218