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We really appreciate the time that community leaders, clubs and volunteers put into making great activity happen across the City, and we know how busy you are.

The team are Sport Birmingham are here to listen to your ideas, challenges and needs in helping local people to be more active.

Please get in touch for a chat so we can help advise you of the latest opportunities available. We work closely with funding bodies, and often have funding ourselves to allocate, so we’re always a good starting point if you’re looking for some guidance, ideas and solutions.

Examples of what you may want help with…

  • Growing your community organisation, or simply getting started.
  • Finding funds to help start a new project idea
  • Understanding how to connect with a new group in the community
  • Connecting to new partners or activity providers
Examples of what you may want help with…

Community funding and support

Other places to look for funding
Funding for faith / cultural groups

Most of our funding comes from lottery sources. If you can’t receive funding that is linked to gambling or lottery, we can explore ways to work with us so that the funds are suitable.

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Discover funding opportunities available with other organisations with our funding opportunity listings.

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