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Hays Travel Foundation

Grants are available for registered charities and local causes which help young people to achieve their potential within areas where Hays Travel have a branch. Must be working in one of the following areas: Education, prevention of poverty, health, arts & culture and sports.
To apply for the funding, please email -
Club, Group or Organisation, Coach / Officials, Course Bursary, Disability Groups, Education / Training

About Hays Travel Foundation

Funding for registered charities

To apply for a grant you must be a registered charity. We have two main criteria that we judge our applications on:

1. Does your project help young people (up to 25 years) develop in at least one of these areas: education, prevention of poverty, health, arts, culture or sports?

2. Does your organisation operate or have an impact in an area in which Hays Travel have a branch?

If your charity is not located in an area in which we operate then you must provide evidence on how your project impacts our local community.

For a full list of all our branches please visit:

There is not a maximum funding amount for this fund, however the average grant is in the region of £5,000.

Funding for local causes

Each branch has a yearly budget that they can use to sponsor any fundraising activities they want to organise or be part of. They know the secret to fundraising success and make sure to use it any way they can to support those in need within their local community.

Whether you're an organisation or an individual and have a worthy cause, don't hesitate to approach your local Hays Travel for help. While the Hays Travel Foundation primarily focuses on supporting young people, our branches have the freedom to make their own decision about who and what they would like to fundraise for.

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Telephone: 0191 814 8094