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Henry Smith Charity - County Grants

The Henry Smith County Grants programme provides grants for smaller organisations working with disadvantaged people and communities in targeted English counties, including Leicestershire.
Club, Group or Organisation, Disability Groups, Education / Training, Improving Health

About Henry Smith Charity - County Grants

As with many of the grant programmes, the charity prioritises work that tackles problems in areas of high deprivation. As this programme is geographically limited to specific counties the assessment of deprivation is considered in the context of need within each individual county.

The charity are looking to fund established organisations that have a track record and are able to show they are well placed to deliver the work they are asking us to fund. We can only make payments to registered charities through this programme. If your organisation is not a charity, you must nominate a local registered charity to accept payment on your behalf.

Key Grant Details:

  • Grant size - £500 - £20k (£10k max in any one year)
  • Length - 1-3 years (most grants are for 1-2 years)
  • Decision timescale - 3-6 months
  • Deadlines - none

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Organisation size - Up to £250k (up to £1m if activities are county-wide)
  • Location of work - Kent, Leicestershire and West Sussex
  • Funding Covers - Running Costs, salaries, projects and small capital projects or expenditure
  • Organisation type - Small charities and not-for-profit organisations

What can you apply for?

Priority is given to work benefitting groups experiencing social and/or economic disadvantage (people with disabilities, for example) and to work that tackles problems in areas of high deprivation (by which we mean areas in the bottom third of the National Indices of Deprivation).

For more information about the County Grants programme, including a fuller explanation of the type of work we can and cannot fund and how we will assess your application, please download the full guidelines.


  • Decisions are made quarterly by the Trustees.
  • They cannot guarantee which Trustee meeting your application will go to, as this is depends on the number of applications they receive.
  • Within two weeks of the Trustee meeting you will be sent a letter notifying you of the outcome.

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More information

Telephone: 020 7264 4970