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Joanna Brown Trust

The Joanna Brown Trust provides talented young athletes from across the UK with financial support to help them excel in their chosen sports. In addition to our funding partnerships with Sport Islington and Sports Aid, The Joanna Brown Trust welcomes applications for grant funding from young people participating in sport. To apply for a grant from The Joanna Brown Trust please send an email or letter outlining why you should be awarded a grant, how you would use it and how it would benefit you in your chosen sport.
To apply for the funding, please email -
Talented Athletes / Individual

About Joanna Brown Trust

Here are some suggestions of what you might include:

A breakdown of how much you are requesting (please note that any amount awarded will be in the Trustees' discretion but the Trust does not generally award grants of less than £100 or more than £1,000 to individuals)

Your current level of competition and your recent sporting achievements Your ambitions in your chosen sport

How the proposed funding would benefit you and help you achieve your sporting goals

Any other funding you receive from other organisations.

Please note, The Joanna Brown Trust will not award grants for travel and/or accommodation costs

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Contact Name: Richard Brown