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Sport England Return to Play: Active Together Crowdfunding

A £7.5 million fund, with up to £10,000 in match funding, as part of a support package to help clubs and organisations set up and run crowdfunding campaigns related to Covid-19, such as for a loss of income due to the pandemic.
Club, Group or Organisation, Disability Groups, Social Welfare Outcomes

About Sport England Return to Play: Active Together Crowdfunding

Since May 2020, we've been running a successful crowdfunding initiative called Active Together, helping sports clubs and other organisations to set up and run their own crowdfunding campaigns to help sustain themselves through the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

To date, we've supported campaigns with a financial pledge towards their target fundraising amount, but in addition to this, we've been providing:

  • free 1-2-1 coaching by experts
  • advice and guidance on campaign improvements
  • access to free online courses
  • free 30-minute webinars, monthly.

As part of our return to play offer, an additional £1.5m has been made available to continue supporting clubs and local organisations to set up and run their own crowdfunding campaign, with a potential financial pledge from us to help them towards their crowdfunding target.

As of 1 September 2021, we've invested £2.5m, with a further £5m raised from supporters within local communities. There have been more than 63,000 supporters, pledging to 475 campaigns, with the average pledge being £79.

Sport England supported the City of Leicester Swimming Club who ran a campaign to help them safely begin training again. Find out more here COLSC- "Getting back to normal" - a Sports crowdfunding project in Leicester by City of Leicester Swimming Club (

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