The Hargreaves Foundation

The Hargreaves Foundation will distribute approximately £2 million per annum to organisations seeking funding to support those under the age of 18, and living with a mental health problem, physical disability or growing up in poverty through the mediums of sport and education.
To apply for the funding, please email -
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About The Hargreaves Foundation

The Foundation's objectives are underpinned by the desire to give those under the age of 18, and living with a mental health condition, disability, or growing up in poverty, the opportunity to fulfil their potential whilst improving wellbeing, self-esteem and independence.

All requests must fit with our objective: Transforming young lives through sport and education. In addition, requests must address one or more of the following priorities:

  • Enables individuals to experience the mental and physical health benefits of participatory sport
  • Ensures participatory sport is accessible (accessibility includes affordability)
  • Provides sporting or educational activities that foster life skills
  • Aims to improve academic engagement and attainment
  • Encourages the development of skills and personal attributes to aid future employability

The Foundation funds clearly defined projects, initiatives or the purchase of specific items. These must be one-off e.g. purchase of equipment or time-limited with the activity or project being completed within 12 months.

Those benefiting must be aged under 18 and living with a mental health condition, disability, or growing up in poverty.

Eligible organisations

  • Registered Charities or Charitable Incorporated Organisations
  • Schools and Further Education Colleges (usually exempt charities)
  • NHS Trusts

Funding Amounts

We have no maximum or minimum grant size. We will consider contributions to larger projects. It will need to be clear what our funding will cover. If successful, we will pledge and won't pay a grant until all the funds needed are secured.

Application Timeline

Applications are reviewed in the month following online submission. At this stage your application will be acknowledged, and we will provide an update after the initial screening.

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